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SRI SANKAR LAL DUTTA Chairman ,DLSA ,Gomati District, Udaipur
SMTI. YASHVI TANEJA, District Secretary , DLSA ,Gomati District ,Udaipur

The Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987, was enacted to effectuate the constitutional mandate enshrined under, Articles 14 and 39-A of the Constitution of India. The object is to provide ‘access to justice for all’ disabilities. However in order to enable the citizens to avail the opportunities under the Act in respect of grant of free legal aid etc. It is necessary that they are made aware of their rights. Legal aid is an essential part of the Administration of Justice. “Access to Justice for all” is the motto of the Authority. The goal is to secure justice to the weaker sections of the society, particularly to the poor, downtrodden, socially backward, women, children and handicapped etc. Such steps are needed to be taken to ensure that nobody is deprived of an opportunity to seek justice merely for want of funds or lack of knowledge. To ensure this, the Authority organize Legal Literacy and Awareness Camps in different parts.