Functions of District Authority

        It shall be the duty of every District Authority to perform such of the functions of the State Authority in the District as may be delegated to it from time to time by the State Authority. Without prejudice to the generality of the functions referred to in sub-section

        The District Authority may perform all or any of the following functions, namely -

        (a) co-ordinate the activities of the Taluk Legal Services Committee and other legal services in the District;
        (b) organise Lok Adalats within the Districts; and (c) perform such other functions as the State Authority may fix by regulations.


Sub-Divisional Legal Services Committees:
a) Co-ordinate the activities of legal services in the areas within the jurisdiction of the Committees;
b) Organize Lok Adalats within the jurisdiction of the Committees; and
c) Perform such other functions as the District Authority and the State Authority may assign to it.

The Tripura State Legal Services Authority along with its constituent Authorities and Committees are entrusted with the following activities with the aims and objectives as detailed against each items.


--> Legal Literacy and Legal Awarness Programme.

--> PLV Training Programme.

--> Panel Lawyer Training.

--> Seminar / Workshop.

--> Setting up Village Legal Care and Support Centre.

--> Setting up Clinic.

--> Free Legal advice.

--> Counselling, Conciliation and Mediation.

--> Free Legal Aid.

--> Lok Adalat.

--> Traditional Lok adalat.

--> Mobile Lok Adalat.

--> Permanent Lok Adalat under section 22B of the Act.