The Tripura State Legal Services Authority commits to empower the poor and disadvantaged citizens through legal literacy and legal awareness. Its endeavor will be always focused and centered around the following activities with sincerity and devotion.
* Free legal advice to all;
* Legal aid to the eligible persons as per provisions in the Act;
* Guiding the public to settle their disputes through counseling and conciliation;
* Organizing Lok Adalats for easiest, speediest and cheapest settlement of disputes;
* Organizing Legal Literacy and Awareness camps to educate people to their legal and constitutional rights and duties and Social Welfare schemes;
* Popularising Alternative Dispute Resolution;
* Sensitizing all connected with Justice-delivery system.
* Sensitizing the Judicial Officers regarding Legal Services Programmes.
* Participation and involvement of 3 -Tier Panchayeti Raj Institutions in Legal Literacy Mission;
* Appointment of Legal Aid Counsel to give free assistance to persons in custody in addition to Legal aid and advice
* Legal empowerment of tribal population in far flung and remote areas;
* Providing Middle Income Group citizens the benefit of availing the specific scheme at nominal cost.